What this is

If there’s anything the world needs right now, it’s another music blog.

But wait, don’t leave! Yes, we are slowly carving out our own little space on the web to talk about music, but in talking about the things that fall within the field of music, we’ve also found the discussion veering into other territories. So yes, while this is primarily a music blog, it is foremost an ongoing conversation about music and many other things that conversations about music could lead to. Hence, our name: The Peripheral Universe.

Who we are


    • From: Manila
    • Writes: features, reviews, profiles (all freelance)
    • Online presence: facebook, twitter, wordpress
    • Likes: The Flaming Lips, The Mountain Goats, Stereolab, Wilco, The Walkmen, Dan Deacon, The Dorques, Ang Bandang Shirley, Ciudad, Pedicab, and you. I think you’re swell.
    • Plays: nothing, really. I’m too awesome for instruments.


    • From: Jakarta
    • Writes: pretty much anything
    • Online presence:blogspot, facebook, twitter
    • Likes: The Wipers, Rites of Spring, Husker Du, Minutemen, Fugazi, Unwound, Elliott Smith, My Bloody Valentine, At The Drive-in, Quiet Steps. It’s a long list, really.
    • Plays: guitar for Vague, Jirapah, Clatter, and bass for a friend’s project.

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